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Taylor Ikin

Taylor Ikin

PV: Why did you choose this business or line of work?
Taylor: I did not choose it…it embraced me. Looking for friends while living on an island in the Caribbean, I joined a group of painters. And so my life began.

PV: What is your primary role or duty in your company?
Taylor: As an artist, I am a one man band. I am a studio of one.

PV: What sets you apart from your competition?
Taylor: : I am known as an environmentalist with a paint brush. I try to educate, inform and encourage the viewer to preserve for the future.

PV:  What would you be doing now if it weren’t for your business, taking money out of the equation?
Taylor: Painting and teaching art are my job and my pleasure. I would not change a thing.

PV: What do you do for fun?
Taylor: Anything that has to do with people, especially relating to the arts, a party and travel!

PV: Who or what is most important to you, personally or professionally?
Taylor: My family, friends and doggie Abby are most important, followed by doing the best work I can. My long term relationship with Nuance Galleries in Tampa has also given me the much appreciated personal and professional support.

PV: A little secret about you that would shock those who don’t know you!
Taylor: My full name is Anna Robinson Taylor Newton (Gray) Ikin!

Taylor Ikin - PaintingPV: What are your personal and professional mottos?
Taylor: “Defer not to tomorrow to be wise, for tomorrow’s sun may never rise!” unknown

PV: When you were five, what was your dream to be when you grew up?
Taylor: My dream was to have horses and especially show jumpers.

PV: Have you achieved all or most of your dreams thus far?
Taylor: Yes. I had a horse; I have enjoyed painting all over the world, including 18 years in Antigua. I teach workshops and lecture around the country and the class I teach at the Dunedin Fine arts Center is a total joy. The public recognition of my work is the icing on the cake.

Taylor Ikin is widely known for her work on YUPO, a synthetic tree free surface. Her environmentally sensitive images have been exhibited in Museums throughout the South as well as Florida house in Washington DC. Her unique approach and joy in making art are the frequent topic of articles in multiple art magazines, books and the local press, and can be enjoyed through her DVD, Dancing With YUPO. She has taught regionally, nationally, and in the Caribbean as well as 15 years at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art and recently the Beach Art Center. Ikin now teaches at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, FL.

She has served on the Boards of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and was the President and a Board Member of the Florida Watercolor Society for a total of 16 years.
Ikin is currently on the Board of the Gasparilla Festival of Arts, the Education Committee of the Tampa Museum of Art and the Restoration Committee of the Tampa Theater. She was awarded Signature Membership in the Florida Watercolor Society as well as the Suncoast Watercolor Society and is an award winning member of the Florida Artist Group. In 2012 her work was juried into the National Water,

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