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Saving Face

Yes, it’s true. Kim Kardashian has a flawless complexion. Red carpet or otherwise, her skin positively glows. All the more reason why we want to know exactly which products and procedures she is doing to get her skin looking its absolute best. Well, she let the cat out of the bag when she told Oprah […]

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Does your furniture make you yawn?

If it does make you yawn, have I got a tip for you! We recently did a couple of projects that some customers wanted “something different” for their furniture. I hear those two words as often as I make very unique counter-tops in which they already know. I gave my usual suggestions of the exotic […]

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Ask Andrew Ashton LaPosh Salon

Dear Andrew Ashton, I have blond hair and it looks bright right after I get it done, but seems to dull as time goes on.  Any suggestions on how to keep that bright blond longer? Natalia, Tampa Dear Natalia, I see this problem a lot with the bright blonds.  A couple things to remember in […]

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Improve Your Body Thanks to Pilates

What is your goal right now? Improve your golf swing and golf game? Into tennis or racquet sports and need an edge? Practice martial arts or box? Play basketball, football or soccer on the side or professionally? Enjoy ski trips? Love to swim? Enjoy running anything from a few miles to a marathon? Triathlete? What […]

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I Want My Braces OFF Now!

Seeing a patient monthly, for an average of 2 years gives the Orthodontist a unique opportunity to get to know their patient. Going over treatment time is not however the way to broaden these friendships. “I want My braces OFF NOW! You said only 2 years and it’s been longer!”. Every Orthodontist has heard this […]

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If you had to guess which signs of aging bother most women, chances are you’d pick wrinkles. And you would be correct. But there’s another aging giveaway which bothers women just as much: dark spots. These small dark patches — known technically as hyperpigmentation — are caused by over-production of melanin, the brown pigment within […]

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Germs In The Dental Office

Today more than ever infection control and the spread of infectious disease is on everyone’s mind. From the front page of the newspaper, to the TV news and the internet – the germ invasion is everywhere. As always, I choose to educate and arm you with information about the truths of this important topic and […]