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Rethinking Energy Drinks

We may need a new warning on those oh-so-popular energy drinks: They may be harmful to your health, especially if you’re a teenager. A team of researchers from the World Health Organization says increased consumption of energy drinks may pose a danger to public health, especially among young people. The researchers posted their warning in […]

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Social Media Unplugged

It’s well-documented that teens need a good eight to nine hours of solid sleep each night to perform well in school and develop healthfully. But even parents successful at getting their kids to bed at a decent hour and get up at a reasonable one struggle with what happens in between: A new study out […]

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Dare to Go All White?

Q: I’ve always wanted an all-white living room but just had to wait until the grandchildren had grown old enough! My question is about buying white carpeting. Would doing so be a mistake? A: Not if you shop wisely and choose the right fiber and, ideally, the right protective finish. A good place to research […]