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Animals and Autism

It’s been known for a while that pet dogs can help improve the social skills of children with autism. The dogs act like a kind of “social lubricant,” encouraging the children to engage more fully with the world around them, increasing behaviors such as introducing themselves, asking for information and answering questions. “When I compared […]

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Sleep It Off

It’s commonly accepted that teens who are sleep-deprived (those who get less than the recommended eight to 10 hours per night) suffer the consequences. They do more poorly in school, and they’re likelier to get sick. New research suggests they’re also likelier to develop problems with alcohol later in life. Scientists using data from the […]

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Tips to Live Long and Age Well

As the final days of 2014 fly by, everyone I know complains that their clothes are too tight, they have eaten too much, have been too sedentary, and the most common New Year’s resolution is the promise to “get into shape.” This emblemizes Americans’ obsession with the way we look. While we may aspire to […]

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Love Is In The Air!

It’s Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day? So whatever you have planned, what you wear should make you feel lovely.  The truth is love is within. So what to wear? RED Red- The color of fire, romance and passion. Why not make February the red month and be feminine. Here are some of our favorite picks! […]

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What are Semi-Precious Stones Countertops?

We have had the opportunity to fabricate Semi-precious stones for some of our customers who understand the beauty and rare quality of Blue Agate. These Stones are often used as jewelry, displays and now Luxury Countertops and other applications where popular Natural Stones are used. These Semi-precious stones surfaces prices range from 500.00 to 950.00 […]

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Andrew Ashton LaPosh Salon

Dear Andrew Ashton, I was wondering what the new trends for spring makeups are? I’ve seen different looks on the runway shows and in magazines but was wondering what really the trend is for spring this year. Lindsey Clearwater Dear Lindsey, There are many looks showing for spring but here are a few makeup trends […]

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Get a Body You Love with Pilates

February brings thoughts of love – for your partner, a friend or family member. How do you feel about yourself? About your health? About your body? Have you tried Pilates exercise? Originally named “Contrology” by creator Joseph Pilates, this exercise regimen has been the choice of professional athletes, models and actors for many years. Pilates […]

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Get to know Sculptra

Sagging Skin. Flattened Contours. Deep crevasses. Inevitably, we will all experience the classic signs of aging simply because our bodies slow down the production of collagen as we age. While this process happens to everyone, there are some environmental and lifestyle influences that can speed up the degradation of collagen. The most likely culprits are […]

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Rededicate to Your Resolutions

Following through on a commitment to through on a commitment to change. In last month’s article, we talked about how to set and move forward with a New Year’s resolution. Using the method of Visualize, Believe, and Actualize, we discussed going after what you really want, having confidence that you can achieve it, and […]

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Kissing May Not Be Good For Your Health

Valentine’s Day with it’s cheesy Hallmark cards and roadside flower stands is a great day to honor and cherish the one you love. In my house, bringing home a romantic card, flowers and delicious chocolate is almost a guarantee to receive some warm hugs and kisses. Those loving kisses, however, may not only be sharing […]