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No Place Like Home

For patients with terminal cancer, there is often a final choice: Die at home or in the hospital. A new study shows that patients tend to live longer when they choose the former. Most people prefer to die in the comfort of their homes, according to past studies, but many worry that they’ll die sooner […]

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Keeping the Weight Off

In her new book, “Total Body Diet for Dummies,” registered dietitian Victoria Shanta Retelny offers some practical advice for keeping extra pounds at bay. “Maintaining a healthy body weight throughout life is a vital part of staying healthy,” said Retelny, attending the recent Spring Assembly of the Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Chicago. […]

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The Power of Fiber

It’s well known that a high-fiber diet contributes to a number of health improvements, including weight loss, lower diabetes risk, and even reducing and preventing asthma and allergy symptoms. Now a new study led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has found that women who adopt a diet high in fiber, […]

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Nuts and Cholesterol

Just how do tree nuts lower cholesterol and which ones are the best to eat? Tufts University explains in their recent Health & Nutrition Letter. “At least part of the proven cardiovascular benefits of eating nuts can be explained by their effects on cholesterol and other blood lipids,” according to new Tufts research. In a […]